Strength Which His Boundless Might Provides

Strength Which His Boundless Might Provides

Our relationship with the LORD needs to be strong, rock-solid & immovable. This is not only for our own well-being but Scripture says we are to be salt & light to those around us. Rather than being crushed or dismayed by all that is going on in our world, this is our time to rise up in the strength that His boundless might provides. From the Bible we see repeatedly that the LORD is trustworthy & true to His promises & as we ask ourselves some tough questions we will see clearly that He is the God who cannot fail. This leads us to being without excuse in our unwavering & growing trust of God who will use us to testify to His goodness & love, so that others will taste & see that the LORD is good.

Online Sunday Morning Service
10th September, 2023

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