Biblical Manhood: Father’s Day 2023

Biblical Manhood: Father’s Day 2023

God created men & women to be shaped & fashioned by His Word & by His Spirit, not by society or by the dictates of this fallen world. Also, God Himself set the basis for relationships together & God Himself set the structure for families & family relationships & He intends that those relationships function according to His purposes, not according to the dictates of this fallen world & not according to the antichrist agendas at play today. Not only are we seeing an out & out attack on the family unit today, we are seeing an attack on the role & the place of men in society & also on the role of men in the family & in the Church. We are looking to the Lord to restore true biblical manhood to the remnant of His Church who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying & doing.

Online Sunday Morning Service
3rd September, 2023

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