7:30pm, Mid-Week ONLINE Men’s Prayer Meeting

7:30pm, Mid-Week ONLINE Men’s Prayer Meeting

Men coming together to pray for the nation, for the Church, for Israel, for their families & for one another.

This meeting is on ZOOM as we have men overseas & in other parts of New Zealand wanting to pray.

Contact our office for the ZOOM details.

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  1. Harvey Rosieur

    Dear Peter , I have been listening to your sermons for several years now and am encouraged by the fact that I have not found any area of disagreement, including your latest -17 Dec 2023. The only question I have is concerning the ‘doctrine of imminence’. 2000 years does not support this, unless I misunderstand the intended meaning. We simply do not know when the Rapture will occur, as it was for those in the early church. They would have hoped for it, as we do, but now we think from the signs of the times that we have reason for it to be soon. I am concerned for the ‘cessationist’ teaching that there is nothing which needs to happen first. This is based on their belief that there is’ no new revelation beyond what is written in the Bible. For example, Olive Tree Ministries and associated churches are telling their people that it could come tonight. I say it cannot/ will not. I have been given many visions over the years of a coming world wide Revival. They deny this, as’ new revelation’. I point to Acts, ch. 2, re Joel’s prophecy, and Pentecost, but this cuts no ice because they simply reject the Gifts and ‘marginalise’ the work of the Holy Spirit , rejecting the Baptism as ‘ Pentecostal craziness.’ and ignoring what is written in the Bible. which does not accord with their beliefs.I believe God, and have His assurance, that the Revival will occur in my lifetime.I am concerned that a great deal of the churches, in New Zealand and elsewhere ,still resist the Holy Spirit. Especially so, as Matthew chapter 25 was ‘quickened’ to me as being especially relevant to the Rapture and now you have brought it up as well. It raises a serious question about those who will be taken. I believe the revival is absolutely vital , providing a last opportunity to all who may waiver, or doubt, or resist the Holy Spirit. None of us are perfect and the Lord is coming for a Bride who is without spot or blemish. However it is by Grace that we are saved -we are’ hidden’ in Christ by His spotless garment. God is not willing that any should perish and I believe the Revival shows the extentof His love and grace towards us all.In a recent experience God gave me a ‘ night of visions’ extending over 7-8 hours. I have little specific recollection of what I saw but I am confident that it will come back to me when the time is right.It stands out that the last thing I wrote in my journal was ‘separation continues’. Exactly what that implies I can’t be sure but it seems to me our last opportunity to’ get ready,’ like dressing for a special occasion -helping one another to ensure that the whole ensemble is in order. Have you any comment?

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