Preparation For the Promises of God

Preparation For the Promises of God

What On Earth Is God Doing? (17) God was very deliberate & very particular in preparing the children of Israel to receive & to enter into His promise to them, the Promised Land. In this last hour, when we have God’s Word & His promises to us over many years burning in our hearts, when we sense the stirring of the Holy Spirit to believe that these things are right at hand, God is also deliberate & particular in preparing us to possess His promises. This message looks at the dealings of the Lord with Israel as they enter into the Promised Land & draws lessons for us in this hour from that account.

Online Sunday Morning Service
27th February, 2022

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  1. Tehila

    What a blessing to watch your service, dear ones. May the Lord continue to use you, strengthen, you and sanctify you as you do His holy work on the earth! Love you so very, very much! <3

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