The Imperativeness of the Cross

The Imperativeness of the Cross

This is the first message in a series on the Cross of Christ & in this message we look at the absolutely crucial importance & significance of the Cross of Christ in God’s eternal & redemptive purposes. As God’s children, we need to understand the work of the Cross, why the Cross was necessary, what the Cross accomplished, why the Cross needs to be the focal point of life & ministry & how the Cross impacts our message to the unsaved. We need to understand what the victory of the Cross means for us in daily living so that we learn to live from the Cross forward as those who are redeemed, forgiven, cleansed & set apart for God’s purposes in Christ. However, the truth of the Cross of Christ is under attack. Much is being done today to “empty the cross of it’s power” (1 Corinthians 1:17). As one writer states: “It’s time we held to a high view of sin, the cross, and Jesus’ beautiful sacrifice there. It’s time that we repented from the crossless Christianity we’ve invented for our convenience because a crossless Christianity isn’t Christianity at all.”

Online Sunday Morning Service
25th August, 2022

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