Overcoming In Christ (1)

Overcoming In Christ (1)

Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit (35). God is preparing a people who will appropriate, or lay-hold of and possess, the fullness of all what Jesus made available through the Cross. He is fashioning a people who will walk in a level of maturity Ephesians 4:13 says is “measured by the stature of Christ in all His fullness”. In the midst of the battles we will encounter, in the midst of the conflicts we will face, God’s desire for us, is that we learn to be overcomers. We will look at a number of principles in the next few messages that will help us as God’s people, to be overcomers. When applied to our daily living these principles should help us to stand firm in the midst of trials and tribulations, in the next move of God. This message looks at the principle that “Our Attitudes are more Important than Our Circumstances.”

Online Sunday Morning Service
18th December, 2022


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