Awake, Asleep or Woke?

Awake, Asleep or Woke?

Jesus & Paul both call God’s people to be be awake & not asleep. The context is being awake to the signs of the times, referring to God’s prophetic signposts that point towards the outworking of His redemptive & prophetic purposes in these last days. We read in 1 Chronicles 12:32 that the sons of Issachar were commended as being “men who know how to interpret the signs of the times so as to determine what Israel should do.” If we are unaware or are ignorant of the signs of the times, then we can miss what God is doing & what He requires of us in this season. Sadly, areas of the Church are “woke” instead of being awake & while the words seem similar, they’re saying opposite things. This message addresses the call for believers to be awake & it addresses the dangers of the Church being “woke” rather than being awake.

Online Sunday Morning Service
14th August, 2022

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