Called to Bear the Mark of the Lord

Called to Bear the Mark of the Lord

What On Earth Is God Doing? (7) Today, many in Christendom are caught up in all manner of distractions, controversies & concerns, including the mark of the beast. This message calls for God’s called out people to carry His mark & to be about His business. Peter addresses the questions, what is God’s mark & what is our Father’s business? Time is short & God is looking for a people who will be light in the darkness.

Online Sunday Morning Service
31st October, 2021

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  1. Mavis Newton

    What a distinct difference we see between the 1st century church and the present day church. The only comments one hears these days is of a mocking nature: ‘Oh Pastors were preaching ‘End time ministry 50 years ago, and we are still waiting!’ But Jesus did say He would come like a thief in the night, when no one was expecting Him. We must be anticipating Him any day! Man makes his plans, but it’s God’s plan that are accomplished!

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