The Tribulation is For Israel’s Redemption

The Tribulation is For Israel’s Redemption

The Last Days: What Does That Look Like? (4) This message looks at another Biblical proof for the Pre-tribulation Rapture of the Bride of Christ which is that a primary purpose for the Tribulation is Israel’s redemption. When you read Scriptures that relate to the seven years of the Tribulation from a literal perspective firstly as God intends His Word to be read, including Revelation 4 onwards & Matthew 24, then it is obvious that Israel is central to the events of the Tribulation. Warnings are given in Matthew 24 especially to the children of Israel, the Antichrist is particularly involved in events relating to Israel that occur in the land of Israel, many of the key people mentioned in the Tribulation are Jews (including the 144,000, twelve thousand from each of the twelve tribes of Israel), climactic events in the Tribulation occur in Israel, the Lion of Judah comes to the Great Battle in Israel to rescue Israel in response to their call to Him that comes from their national repentance. Replacement Theology & the allegorical interpretation of Scripture sadly denies that these Scriptures actually speak of Israel, rather the lie is that they refer to the Church! Maranatha.

Online Sunday Morning Service
4th February, 2024

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