The Resurrection (6)

The Resurrection (6)

Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Clothed in Power & Authority. From Scripture this message will reveal very clearly that Jesus only taught and wrought miracles in the anointing, the power and the authority given to Him from His Father through the Holy Spirit. For us, as disciples in the 21st Century, we will see the absolute necessity of being baptised IN the Holy Spirit, so that we are clothed with power from on high so that we can exercise that same authority and be used by God as effective and fruitful fishers of men. We all long to proclaim the good news to the poor, see the captives set free, have the blind recover their sight, the lame leap for joy and see the oppressed given freedom. The undeniable evidence from Scripture is that we too can walk in all these things when we are born-again, baptised in the Holy Spirit and are filled daily with the Holy Spirit as were the early disciples. Let this message encourage you and give you Biblical evidence for living our lives and fulfilling God’s plans and purposes every day.

Online Sunday Morning Service
7th July, 2024

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