Preparing for Rain – Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Preparing for Rain – Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit (23). In Amos 4:6-8, God used a draught and famine to bring His children to repentance. The Lord caused it to rain in one city and not in another and rain to fall on one field and not on another. And the Lord says that even though they went without bread, even though they staggered from city to city with thirst and were not satisfied, they still refused to return to the Lord and be filled. In John 7:37 Jesus says, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink!”. If we will acknowledge our thirst and lack, come to Jesus and be filled, we are then ready and prepared for His later rain which He will cause to fall in one place and not in another. His children will be those whose fields are prepared for His later rain, so that may live and serve fully in His power in the Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit.

Online Sunday Morning Service
16th January, 2022


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