His Righteousness In Place of Mine

His Righteousness In Place of Mine

The Glorious Cross of Christ (8). One of the most significant of the divine exchanges that took place on the Cross & one of the most significant fruits of the new birth in our lives is that when we are born again we became partakers of Christ’s righteousness. On the Cross of Calvary, the Lamb of God Himself is the offering for our guilt & for our shame & He bore our iniquities in His own body & in doing so He gave His righteousness to those who are saved, in place of their own. This is the assurance we have when we are born again. This message also looks at the truth (and the consequences) that those who are unsaved, including false converts, are still clothed in their own unrighteousness which Scripture calls filthy rags.

Online Sunday Morning Service
12th March, 2023

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