God’s Promises & the Imminent Fullness of Time

God’s Promises & the Imminent Fullness of Time

We are in a pivotal moment in God. We have had God’s promises to us personally & corporately, over years in some instances. We have been in a long season of preparation where we have faced, & continue to face, testings & trials with increasing frequency & intensity. But there is an outworking of what God has promised at hand which may come suddenly if we are in the right place in God. Just as the time of the birth of a child is the most intense & the most dangerous, so too is the fullness of time that sees God’s promises fulfilled in the lives of His people. This message encourages us in this urgent hour to be ready for God to fulfil His purposes in us & through us as He has promised.

Online Sunday Morning Service
15th May, 2022

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