Abide (2)

Abide (2)

The Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit #9. Continuing on from the previous message on abiding, we look further into what it is to abide in Jesus, and why abiding is so critical in this day and hour. The extent to which we are abiding now reveals the nature of our relationship with Jesus and we look at His specific warnings and encouragement from Scripture to examine our relationship now, before the Bridegroom’s return.

Online Sunday Morning Service
27th December, 2021


  1. Joyce Cooper

    Thank you David, an excellent message. The comparisons to everyday situations, i.e. marriage relationship/communication, and standing flowers in coloured water are very helpful.

  2. John Peter Breeze

    Dear David, bless you bless you bless you!!!!!!! This message about abiding has pulled me back from the brink of being bundled up with other withered souls and burned!!!!!!! The Holy spirit passes on what he hears. He has passed on to me what my true state is. I have been withering for years. I am not the man on honey moon with Jesus as I was when He authored my faith. About 15 minutes into your message I had to pause and leave the room and kneel by my bed and weep. I had to seek his forgiveness. I understood my precarious position. I said how sorry I was for ignoring him in my daily life and only going to him out of a religious duty. Your illustration of the relationship with a wife whom you ignored until you wanted something struck a powerful chord with me. After a time of genuine sorrow before him, I became conscious of him forgiving me and also showing me it was possible to come back to him in intimacy as he said in Revelation where He exhorts us to return to our first love. Oh what a horrible fate to find out when it is too late that he never knew us. For me anyway, God has mightily used you Brother to speak to me in a powerful way. Thank you soooooooo much. Love. John.

  3. PHW

    Thank you John for your kind comments and for sharing your personal response to the message. Your words have touched us all, and we find ourselves encouraged and challenged in our own response to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church. We would love to continue to pray for you as you continue in your journey and your renewed relationship with the Lord. He is so, so faithful and is surely drawing His children to Himself, …to Him be praise and glory! David

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