The Holy Spirit: At Work Everywhere

The Holy Spirit: At Work Everywhere

The Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit (5). The Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of all people around us, whether we see it or not. However as believers if we do not see any outward evidence of this, we incorrectly assume He is not at work and therefore make little effort to reach them with the truth of the Gospel. When we rightly understand that God is at work in all people’s lives, we can then ask Him how we can join Him in His work. By applying this simple principal we may become more fruitful for the Kingdom, with fruit that will abide.


  1. Joyce Cooper

    Great message, thank you.
    I was prompted to get out the atlas to see where Ethiopia is in relation to Jerusalem. The Eunuch must have been given a really strong desire that caused him to set out on such a long and difficult journey!

  2. Frances

    This message came at just the right time for me, thank you. I have many loved ones who do not know the Lord and even after years of praying for them there seems to have been no change I am very encouraged to be reminded that God IS at work in ALL their lives whether I can see it or not. This message has helped me not to strive, but to rest and trust God’s activity in their lives a lot more.

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