Called To Know God Personally, Intimately & Relationally

Called To Know God Personally, Intimately & Relationally

What on Earth Is God Doing? (8) There is a difference between knowing God intellectually & rationally & knowing Him personally, intimately & relationally. In this last hour, God is calling His people to a deeper heart relationship with Him where we know & hear the voice of our Shepherd & where we walk in the awareness of His amazing love for His own. It is time to be those who truly know God for ourselves & to be those He knows as His own.

Online Sunday Morning Service
7th November, 2021

Slides from this service are below. Click on the “SAVE” button above or on the download page icon in the bar below the Slides to download these.


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  1. Frances

    The upbeat tempo of those first two songs was very uplifting – who would have thought a ukelele could sound SO good? 🙂 And as I listened to the 3rd song, I was taken back to the days when I’ve joined with hundreds and hundreds of others worshiping God together at full volume. To think that that is what is what we will experience every day in heaven. Can’t wait.

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