Consecrated For This Day And Hour

Consecrated For This Day And Hour

This message on our Fifteenth Anniversary looks at four prophetic keys for standing firm in God in this hour. We are believing for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for God to fulfil His promises to us to do a new thing while we see the globalist agenda ramping up around us. It is time like never before, to be set apart unto God and for His purposes.

Online Sunday Morning Service
6th December, 2020 (15th Anniversary)

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  1. Brenda Anne Mackay

    Thank you Peter n Sue for equipping those who stand in Gods Word and preparing us for the days ahead. “The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear but of (His) power, and love and a sound mind.”
    You are a blessing to the Bride of Christ!

  2. Mavis Newton

    Thank you Peter for the encouraging message you delivered yesterday. I have just received it this morning on-line. Yesterday I was invited to a friend’s birthday celebration meal in New Lynn. I knew it was Jesus First’s 15th anniversary, but felt I must attend. At the end of the meal when some of the guests had left I swapped over to the second table and sat down next to a young Chinese woman Molly, who spoke good English. She had been attending Avondale Baptist. I asked her how she enjoyed worshipping there. I found out that she was not a Christian, but enjoyed the nice feelings she gained by going to church, so I shared the ‘Meaning of Life’ tract with her. I sensed her excitement and spoke to her about being born again, ie Jesus challenging Nicodemus to be born again in John 3. You can’t have old wine in new wine skins. I saw a ‘door’ opening for her. She came with Mae Mae a Chinese believer who has been with us on outreach some times. I challenged her to memorise some of the scriptures mentioned in the tract. Trusting that she will be in the Kingdom of God before the end of the year. Blessings, Mavis

    • PHW

      Thank you Mavis. Believing with you for this lady to come to genuine salvation before the end of the year! Shalom & blessings. Peter

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