Called To See & Hear What God Is Doing

Called To See & Hear What God Is Doing

What On Earth Is God Doing? (11) Lockdowns & “traffic light” regulations continue to impact on our ability to meet together in a congregational way. As an Eldership we have been seeking the Lord for His vision for the season ahead in the midst of the challenges before us & the agendas being outworked around us before us. This message outlines the clear direction & encouragement that God has given us as the next step in our journey.

Online Sunday Morning Service
12th December, 2021

Slides from this service are below. Click on the “SAVE” button above or on the download page icon in the bar below the Slides to download these.



  1. Creina

    Watching your online service I thought that it would be really good if we – your online congregation – could meet with you in a Zoom service. Especially for those who live overseas.

    • PHW

      Great idea. Let us organise this & get back to you with details. Where in the world are you as that might impact on the time we arrange things for? Thanks for your comment.

  2. Mavis Newton

    Thanks Peter for the precious Word. Yes the world is full of confusion today. It’s Satan’s ploy to get everyone fighting against each other. We met half a dozen College age girls in Milford yesterday and gave them tracts on ‘There is Hope’ – they didn’t know who God was – nothing about heaven and Hell. Let’s hope they start researching who God is and in particular the Son of God! for His Blessing!

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