The Great Dangers of End-time Blindness (#34 in series)

The Great Dangers of End-time Blindness (#34 in series)

In 2 Peter 3:3 & 4, Peter warns that scoffers would come & they would mock any suggestion, any teaching, any discussion about the return of the Messiah & about how soon He might appear. Sadly, instead of knowing the signs of the times & how events relate to the teaching & the prophetic promises of Scripture, these scoffers are like the religious leaders in the time of Jesus whom Jesus called hypocrites & playactors because they could not equate events around them with what the Old Testament prophecies & promises & teachings stated. Consequently, they missed the day of their visitation, when Jesus came amongst them. This message looks at the importance of being ready for when Jesus comes as the Bridegroom for His Bride & at some events of recent times that point towards the acceleration & the convergence of end-time events.

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