God Wants to Speak to Us!

God Wants to Speak to Us!

Scripture clearly shows us that not only can God speak with us, He really does want two-way communication with us. He also wants to use us to speak His words to others. In this message we will look at the many ways that God does communicate with us. Examples from the Bible are just as relevant for us who are alive & serving Him in the 21st Century! This message will encourage us to press in all the more to “see what He will say to me.”

Online Sunday Morning Service
13th June, 2021

Slides from this service are below. Click on the “SAVE” button above or on the download page icon in the bar below the Slides to download these.


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  1. Brenda Anne Mackay

    So often we find that the Lord has a sense of humour in His newer to our prayers for guidance…love the story of the Chicken Harness! What a wonderful Abba Father we have,
    Thank You Lord for Sue n Peter!

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