Being the Light in Increasing Darkness

Being the Light in Increasing Darkness

Isaiah prophesied 700 years before Messiah Jesus that thick fog and dark confusion would cover the people, but the light of the LORD would arise upon them. Today we see this ever increasing fog and dark confusion in the world around us. It is time for us to ‘Arise – Shine’ and be the light of Messiah to those around us. This message is practical encouragement for us all to shine our lights no matter where we are or how small we feel our contribution is! The LORD Himself has promised He will shine through us.

Online Sunday Morning Service 12th July, 2020

Slides from this service are below. Click on the “SAVE” button above or on the download page icon in the bar below the Slides to download these.


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  1. Joyce Cooper

    Many thanks for the reminder to keep ‘plugged in’ to the Light!!
    Excellent message.

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