Acts2 Groups

Acts2 Groups


cts2 Groups are the heartbeat of Jesus First. At Jesus First, we value people and desire everyone to feel a part of our family. We are a growing Church and every person is important to us and to the mission of the Body of Christ which is to proclaim and to demonstrate the Gospel of Christ.

Acts2 Groups...

  • are relationship-orientated groups of individuals who meet regularly in places like homes & cafés. The relationships that we focus on are those with Jesus, family, one another & then the community.
  • provide for individuals to grow in their personal relationship and intimacy with Jesus, to build meaningful relationships with each other and to reach out to unbelievers with the gospel of the kingdom.
  • provide a place of security and encouragement where individuals can grow in the operation of spiritual gifts and where giftings and callings are developed.
  • aim to reach out to the people in our community in both supernatural and practical ways.

Why Acts2?

The second chapter of Acts is a very powerful chapter detailing the birth and the establishment of the early Church and there are several aspects that relate to our “small group” vision.

  • Teaching and equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry.
  • Fellowship, worship and commitment to one another.
  • Functioning in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Reaching the unsaved and impacting the community.