Issachar Ministry
Training Academy

• Training God's people for ministry from a Messianic Jewish perspective
• Equipping, empowering, and sending out church planting teams

Key Focus

Our heart is to equip God's people through training in biblical truth, in life skills, and in ministry development for the outworking of God's call on their lives. Importantly, we trust in the work of the Holy Spirit to empower people for all that God has purposed for them in life and ministry.

Key Components

Building solid biblical foundations

Spiritual and personal development

Building ministry skills

Practical ministry experience

Messianic Jewish Perspective

While most of the Church teaches from a Replacement Theology perspective, we intentionally teach from the opposite perspective, embracing the Jewish roots of the Christian faith while remaining Gentiles who are grafted in! That means we seek to understand Scripture in the Jewish context in which it was written. We seek to learn from the prophetic revelation that God set in place within the practices and ordinances that He instituted for His people Israel. We also look to God to unite Jew and Gentile as one new man in Messiah Jesus (Ephesians 2:15). While we are not bound to embrace Jewish culture and tradition, we understand that Scripture teaches us much from the Messianic Jewish roots of our faith.



A ministry of Jesus First, New Zealand with the support of Celebrate Messiah New Zealand

We want to encourage overseas students so we are looking at how we can make our course available to those from other countries

Two twenty-two week courses each year starting in January, 2019

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