e believe that there is a need in Christian life and ministry, to re-establish a biblical understanding of Christian manhood and to equip, train and release men to be the people God has called them to be. 
We have called our Men’s Ministry “AMEN” because our heart is to see men grow in dedication to God (to wholeheartedly say “amen!” (yes) to God) and to see men grow in integrity and honour –­ to be “A” quality men in their homes, workplaces and in their relationships.
Our vision for our Men’s Ministry is to help men grow in the following areas:
  • in their identity as Christian sons, fathers, grandfathers and brothers
  • in their personal relationship with Jesus
  • in their knowledge of Jesus
  • in their knowledge of God’s Word
  • in their giftings and ministries
  • in spiritual fitness
  • in relationships with one another
  • in their ministry of fatherhood to their families and to single parents, widows, widowers and others in the Church
  • in sharing their faith with others
  • in serving the Church and the community
  • in integrity
  • in morality
  • in effectiveness
Our expectation in God is to fulfill these aspects of our vision through:
  • men’s fellowship and social/recreational opportunities to grow relationships through monthly lunch or breakfast meetings
  • encouraging involvement in the ministries of the Church such as the Acts2 Groups and other ministries
  • encouraging men to reach out in “fatherhood” and service to those in the Church needing encouragement and practical support
  • encouraging involvement in the practical aspects of Church life and ministry